Embrace autumn with all your senses

Are you longing to fully immerse yourself in the autumnal atmosphere that graces the surroundings of Lake Wörthersee? Our ‘Sensual Autumn’ package seamlessly blends invigorating outdoor activities with the finest culinary offerings, providing you with the opportunity to discover a new, revitalizing facet of the lake’s autumn charm. If you're seeking a profound reconnection with nature and a rejuvenating escape, we invite you to join us to experience the sensory delights of autumn around Lake Wörthersee!

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Package – included services

Indulge in a moment of tranquillity as you uncover the splendid tapestry of colours that unfolds along the Slow Trails. Listen attentively to the melodic rustle of leaves underfoot, and let your fingertips trace the contours of velvety moss. Your palate, too, will be treated to an exquisite experience. During a well-earned pause, savour an array of regional delicacies thoughtfully curated exclusively for you as a special treat. As you reflect within the embrace of our cosy wellness area, allow the sensory imprints of your journey to cascade over you, once more, embracing the serenity that settles upon both body and mind.

  • 2 nights in a double room
  • Rich breakfast buffet featuring regional delicacies
  • Access to the wellness and fitness area
  • Backpack filled with regional specialties as an exclusive treat
  • Complimentary bicycle rental (subject to availability)
  • Walking stick rental (subject to availability)
  • Wörthersee hiking brochure and trail map
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free e-bike or bicycle storage
  • Free parking on site
  • Wörthersee Plus Card offering numerous inclusive services and discounts


Experience hours of tranquillity in our meticulously crafted Standard Double Rooms, spanning around 20m². During the warmer seasons, the balcony provides an additional opportunity for relaxation and unwinding.

2 nights

209 €

281€ single use

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Experience elevated comfort in our contemporary Comfort Double Rooms, spanning 25m². With a blend of meticulously curated materials, these rooms to captivate your attention while bestowing a truly unique and distinctive ambiance.

2 nights

218 €

€295 single use

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Indulge in the luxury of our expansive Superior Double Rooms, adorned with exquisite materials and soothing earthy tones. Encompassing over 30m², these rooms impress with a premium wooden floor and a stylishly appointed marble bathroom.

2 nights

224 €

304€ single use

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Spanning 15m², our Single Rooms offer a wonderful retreat for both solo adventurers and business travelers. The inviting design and warm colour palette create an ambiance of comfort and tranquillity, ensuring a truly enjoyable stay.

2 nights

227 €

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